“Anne, Billy, and the rest of ITS were truly the MVPs of putting this website together. What impressed me most was the pace at which they worked. We were on a deadline to get the website completed by April, so when I met was them in early March, I was very concerned we wouldn’t make it, but they worked so fast to get a site designed and put the content up. They were also fantastic about translating our ideas for the site into reality. Finally, they showed a true commitment to ensuring the future success of the site. Anne sat down with me and taught me how to work with Word Press so that I could continue to improve the site”.-South Moore

The Executive Branch of Student Government Public Safety Committee approached us in early March about creating and launching the Be Safe site as a one stop source for safety information at UNC-Chapel Hill and the surrounding community. Anne McCarthy, our Web Support Specialist, led the effort for the development of the site by working with South Moore of Student Government. With a focus on easy accessibility, the responsiveness of the site was a high priority! To learn more about how we made sure the site was mobile friendly, read our step by step post about the Responsive Design Development.  Through trainings, lots of emails, and even more edits the site was ready to go live by the goal date of April 1st. Click on the image of their site featured below in the Student Union to explore their helpful resources!