Fall Cleaning at

Clean-upThe staff is doing some fall cleaning this week. We’ll be deactivating a set of inactive sites. This benefits the Carolina web community in several ways. For example, after these sites have been removed, hundreds of domains will be available for others to use.

What do we mean by “inactive”?¬†Inactive sites meet the following criteria:

  1. They have no active administrators or editors with active Onyens. The sites have no “owners”.
  2. The site registered date equals the site’s last updated date OR total pages/posts are less than or equal to two (two are created by default with new sites). Essentially these sites have no content.

A site will remain in a “deactivated” state for 90 days. This means that it is not viewable on the web. End- users will see a message that notes the inactive status and contact information if there are questions. After the period of 90 days, the site may be deleted from the system. Learn more on the Terms and Conditions page.

Photo credit: Dan Sears