WordPress Core Update

At 7am on Wednesday, July 29th we will be updating the WordPress core software to version 4.2.3 on both and

Fall Cleaning at

The staff is doing some fall cleaning this week. We’ll be deactivating a set of inactive sites. This benefits the Carolina web community in several ways. For example, after these sites have been removed, hundreds of domains will be available for others to use.

Introducing “Heelium”

In response to the requests for a modern and responsive UNC-branded theme, we’re excited to announce the university wide release of Heelium! Heelium is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use theme built on a fluid flexible grid that automatically adapts to fit any screen—computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. In addition to the new theme, we’ve added a… Read more »

Awesome Web Design and Development Resources

Have you searched WebDotUNC’s support articles and forum but still haven’t found what you need to achieve your desired site design? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best resources for web design and development techniques. Not everything on these sites is applicable on WebDotUNC, but they can provide a lot of insight into various web… Read more »

Structure Your Site: Techniques for Information Architecture

Information architecture? Isn’t architecture about buildings? Why would information have to be…built? “Information architecture,” (or IA for short) refers to the structuring and organizing of information in a system so that its users may find what they need. This is especially important when it comes to websites; users must be able to quickly understand the… Read more »

Get Responsive with!

Responsive web design is a good way to ensure that your site provides a pleasant experience for whoever is using it. You might be wondering, “What is responsive web design?” (RWD for short) Responsive web design, in short, means that your website adapts and adjusts how it displays based on what size screen a user… Read more »

Revolution Slider: Alternative First Slide, Reset Options and Troubleshooting

Today, we will go over the “Alternative First Slide,” “Reset Options,” and “Troubleshooting,” options in Revolution Slider’s Slider Settings. This is the last post in our series about Revolution Slider’s options. Previously, we have covered the following slider options: Main Slider Options General Settings & Google Font Settings Position, Appearance, Spinner & Navigation Options Thumbnails, Mobile… Read more »

Revolution Slider: Position, Appearance, Spinner & Navigation Options

We are going to continue detailing the various options for Rev Slider. Today, we will specifically discuss the “Position,” “Appearance,” “Spinner,” and “Navigation,” slider options. Previously, we talked about the Main Slider Settings Section and the General Settings and Google Font Settings, so check those posts if you are curious about those sections of the… Read more »

Revolution Slider: General Settings & Google Font Settings

Previously, we went over the Main Slider Settings for the Revolution Slider plugin and discussed how Rev slider offers a lot of customization with its long list of options. Today, we’re going to go over two specific subcategories of those options: The “General Settings,” and “Google Font Settings” sections on the New Slider page. General Settings… Read more »

WordPress Security Update

The team takes website security very seriously. From time-to-time, announcements are made about security vulnerabilities that require immediate action. Yesterday we learned that WordPress site administrators needed to update to the latest release, 3.9.2, to patch a vulnerability. We promptly updated the system this morning at about 7:30AM.   Security is a shared responsibility…. Read more »

“Anne, Billy, and the rest of ITS were truly the MVPs of putting this website together. What impressed me most was the pace at which they worked. We were on a deadline to get the website completed by April, so when I met was them in early March, I was very concerned we wouldn’t make… Read more » Responsive Design Development is a new site that is centered on providing a “comprehensive source for safety information at Carolina”. Using our Avada theme, the site is automatically responsive. However, it is responsive without being specific to the content on the site itself which leaves room for improvement.  To start, what does “responsive” mean? “Responsive Web Design or RWD… Read more »

Where do I start?

Help Training Getting Started

Executive Branch of Student Government

“ITS helped us from beginning to end, we showed them what we wanted and they helped us make it happen! Thank you to Marcus and everyone at ITS for the tireless assistance.” -Hannah Fussell The Executive Branch of Student Government came to us in the Fall of 2013 wanting to create a brand new, responsive… Read more »