Revolution Slider: Alternative First Slide, Reset Options and Troubleshooting

Today, we will go over the “Alternative First Slide,” “Reset Options,” and “Troubleshooting,” options in Revolution Slider’s Slider Settings. This is the last post in our series about Revolution Slider’s options. Previously, we have covered the following slider options: Main Slider Options General Settings & Google Font Settings Position, Appearance, Spinner & Navigation Options Thumbnails, Mobile… Read more »

Revolution Slider: Thumbnails, Mobile Touch, Mobile Visibility, & Single Slide Options

In this blog post, we’ll focus a bit on the mobile options for Rev Slider (titled “Mobile Touch,” and “Mobile Visibility”), as well as more specific details about using thumbnails and only portraying a single slide (Thumbnails,” and “Single Slide,” respectively). Previously, we discussed Rev Slider’s Position, Appearance, Spinner and Navigation Options, the Main Slider Settings… Read more »

Revolution Slider: Position, Appearance, Spinner & Navigation Options

We are going to continue detailing the various options for Rev Slider. Today, we will specifically discuss the “Position,” “Appearance,” “Spinner,” and “Navigation,” slider options. Previously, we talked about the Main Slider Settings Section and the General Settings and Google Font Settings, so check those posts if you are curious about those sections of the… Read more »

Revolution Slider: General Settings & Google Font Settings

Previously, we went over the Main Slider Settings for the Revolution Slider plugin and discussed how Rev slider offers a lot of customization with its long list of options. Today, we’re going to go over two specific subcategories of those options: The “General Settings,” and “Google Font Settings” sections on the New Slider page. General Settings… Read more »

Revolution Slider: Main Slider Settings

With Revolution Slider, you can make a variety of cool slideshows (also called carousels by some). You can even make sure the slider re-sizes for different size screens with a certain setting selected. Revolution slider can be a little overwhelming at first. How do you get Revolution Slider (nicknamed “Rev Slider” for short) to be active… Read more »

How ConnectCarolina Uses MailPoet

ConnectCarolina uses the MailPoet plugin Wysija Newsletters to send Newsletters on a biweekly basis. Their personalized template shown below is one they made by using the drag and drop feature to add onto one of the 50 themes in place.   Wysija Newsletters is’s Newsletter plugin that allows users to send Newsletters to people while on the WordPress dashboard. Drag and… Read more »