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Redirecting Your Site

If you’ve moved your site over to a new URL and you need to redirect all of the pages, the best way to handle this is through the Redirection plugin. This will allow you to still access the dashboard of the old site when needed, but redirect all pages on the front-end to your new… Read more »

How to Prevent 404 Errors on Your Events Calendar Views

Occassionally. the different views you can select for your Event Calendar (such as Day, Week, or List) may display a 404 error for visitors.   In order to prevent this from occuring, navigate to Settings>>Permalinks in the admin area of your site.   Make no changes and simply click Save at the bottom of the page…. Read more »

Using WP LaTex

This plugin allows the the ability of LaTex to write equations and formulae to be available for WordPress users.  This plugin combines the power of LaTeX and the simplicity of WordPress to give you the ultimate in math blogging platforms. Activate the WP LaTex Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin,… Read more »

Twitter Widget

For Twitter users, this widget can be a useful way of getting readers to see your “tweets” (tweet is the term for a post on Twitter) right on your site. Even if you are not a Twitter user, this widget can be used to share any public Twitter account’s updates. Although WordPress in itself… Read more »

Anchors and How To Use Them (TinyMCE)

You have probably used page anchors while browsing different websites even if you have never heard the term before. Anchors are useful links that navigate to a specific part of a page when you click on them. For example, FAQ sections of websites tend to have a compilation of just the questions in the form… Read more »

Why is My Site Not Updating for Others – Caching Explained

Nothing is more frustrating to site visitors than a slow site.  Millions of users leave pages long before they load.  In an effort to make sure the thousands of sites on Web.unc run well the WebdotUNC team continually tweaks and adjust the caching settings to find just the right combination.  This article is designed to… Read more »

Navigation Widget – UNC Theme

A common feature on a lot of websites is a sidebar navigation widget that shows the sub-pages in a section.  We have built a special tool that will allow you to show the child pages (sub-pages) of a section.  This is meant to be used on department like sites with lots of pages that would… Read more »

Uploading MP3′s

Interested in adding mp3 or other sound files to your WebDotUNC website? Try using SoundCloud, which makes it easy! By creating a SoundCloud account or logging in with Facebook, you can store any sounds that you record or upload, and distribute them almost anywhere on the web. By using 1 of over 100 supported apps on a smartphone or… Read more »

Add Listserv Subscription Form to Site

If you have a list you use on campus for communicating with folks you can add a form to your site to allow people to easily subscribe themselves to the listserv. Copy the following code and replace the bold items with your own. <form action=”” method=”POST”> <font size=1>Email address: </font><br /> <input type=”text” name=”email”… Read more »