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Getting Started

General Troubleshooting

Below are a list of general troubleshooting questions we receive and the answers we provide! If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page, please go to our forum and post there.   I can’t figure out how log into my site!  To log into your site, add “/wp-admin” to the end… Read more »

Storage Space Optimization

Each site on is allotted 1GB of storage space. Generally, this means that you can have an almost unlimited number of posts and pages. However, when it comes to video and image files optimization is crucial to ensure that your site loads quickly and you don’t run out of storage space. The following Support… Read more »

Web and Theme Customization Resources

Built by You. Supported by Us. Powered by WordPress.   What does “self-serve” mean? is ‘self-serve’ meaning we are here to provide both the resources to help you learn how to use and the building blocks to develop a site but leave it to you to actually develop one. We work to offer a variety of safe,… Read more »

Default Site Visibility Settings

The default setting for your site is to allow your site to show up on Search Engines results as soon as you create it. However, if you feel the need to have your site private or to prevent Search Engines from indexing your site these default settings can be changed. One reason our users change these settings… Read more »

Editing Your Profile

When you first create an account you should edit your profile so it shows your name up as the author of pages and posts. We suggest you check how your name appears publicly so people can identify the things you post. Follow these steps below: Navigate to Users>Your Profile Here you can edit your First and… Read more »

Customizing Your Sidebar

Editing your website’s sidebar is made easier by using widgets. A Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebars of your blog. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your blog sidebar. Common Widgets Archives – displays archive links for each month… Read more »

Adding Video to your Website

WordPress currently supports embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Flickr, DailyMotion, Viddler,, TED Talks, Educreations, Instagram, Vine, and Videolog.  You have the option to upload videos through the Media Library or by placing the URL from one of these above sites into the Editor. Use oEmbeds to insert a video Navigate to the page or post you wish to add a video Copy the URL of… Read more »

The Difference Between a Page and a Post

When first starting out using, it may be confusing as to the difference between posts and pages. This confusion can make it hard to decide which avenue is best to put the information you want your audience to see. If this problem resonates with you, read below as I will try to help explain… Read more »

Akismet – Comment Spam Protection

To help better protect the sites on from spam comments, we have a plugin called Akismet. It helps solve  issues that have come up in the past over spam comments and lets you focus on building and managing your site instead of managing comments! Akismet works by automatically detecting comment and trackback spam. Akismet monitors… Read more »

Affiliate ONYEN System requires all users to have an active Onyen in order to sign in. If you need to be an administrator or editor of a site on, but are not a paid employee or an enrolled student at UNC, it is possible to become an “Other Affiliate” and get an Affiliate Onyen. These can be used by… Read more »

How to Replace Media On Your Site

Replacing media is a quick and time saving way to update any media you might have on your site without having to relink the previous files. From the Dashboard, navigate to Media Find the document you wish to replace and scroll over the icon for that document When your mouse is over the document the… Read more »

Adding a New UNC User

Our service lets you add as many users as you want to your site allowing you to collaborate with others! Depending on their role on the site, they can edit, add content, change appearances, etc. However, in order to be added to the site, the user must have a UNC onyen or an affiliated onyen…. Read more »

How to Set a Static Homepage

The homepage is the first page someone sees when they view your site. It is important to set this as something that introduces your site. A common homepage that people use is a  “Home” or “About Us” page. 1) Create a page/post that you want to be the Homepage by going to Pages > Add… Read more »

Introduction to Media Library

Below are links to articles explaining various uses of the Media Library Media Library Gallery Images Image Alignment Image Editing Image Optimization Image Settings Uploading Documents Adding New Media Multi-file vs. Browser Uploader