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How to Prevent 404 Errors on Your Events Calendar Views

Occassionally. the different views you can select for your Event Calendar (such as Day, Week, or List) may display a 404 error for visitors.   In order to prevent this from occuring, navigate to Settings>>Permalinks in the admin area of your site.   Make no changes and simply click Save at the bottom of the page…. Read more »

How to Add the Events Widget Back to Your Site

Recently, there was an update for the events calendar (version 2 to 3) plugin. One of the major modifications made was a change in the name of the events calendar widget. This name change causes the existing widget to disappear from sidebars or other widgets areas.   In order to replace the events calendar, navigate to Appearance>>Widgets… Read more »

Events Calendar – Upgrade to Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Events Calendar plugin includes new features and settings and minor changes to look-and-feel. If you are using the calendar plugin, you can view the updated calendar by adding a ‘/events’ to your site name. For example, would be You will notice that you can now search for events and filter… Read more »


Shortcodes = shortcuts Generally speaking, a shortcode allows you to add functionality ranging from videos to columns on a page without touching code. The benefits to using shortcodes are centered on ease of use. Certain plugins on our service can create shortcodes specific for your site. However, the following shortcodes are included with WordPress automatically… Read more »

Storage Space Optimization

Each site on is allotted 1GB of storage space. Generally, this means that you can have an almost unlimited number of posts and pages. However, when it comes to video and image files optimization is crucial to ensure that your site loads quickly and you don’t run out of storage space. The following Support… Read more »

Web and Theme Customization Resources

Built by You. Supported by Us. Powered by WordPress.   What does “self-serve” mean? is ‘self-serve’ meaning we are here to provide both the resources to help you learn how to use and the building blocks to develop a site but leave it to you to actually develop one. We work to offer a variety of safe,… Read more »

Adding iFrame and Embed Codes using the iFrame Plugin

The WordPress iFrame plugin allows users to add iframe and embed codes directly in the visual editor. In addition, it allows for switching between the visual and text editors without stripping the code. All iframe and embed codes need to be modified to shortcodes in order to be added to a page or post…. Read more »

Display Sub-Forum List using Custom CSS

If you have multiple forums on your site and would like to display a list of the forums on a page, please follow the steps bellow. Note: Understanding of CSS and shortcodes needed. This custom CSS was added in the Department theme. Depending on your theme, more changes may need to be made to your… Read more »

Adding a Custom Background Image to the UNC Department Theme

Note: These are for users using the UNC Department theme. Activate the Improved Simpler Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions. Upload the image you want to be your background by going to Media>Add New.  Copy the file URL. Navigate to Appearance>Custom CSS. Paste the following CSS… Read more »

Excluding Pages from Navigation Plugin

This plug-in adds a check box, “include this page in menus”, which is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the page will not appear in any listings of pages. The reason to uncheck it would be to remove it from navigation in case you made the home page a default page. Activate the Excluding Pages… Read more »

Picture Galleries and Slideshows

If you are uploading multiple pictures for things like a class project, team roster, or portfolio, using Galleries and Slideshows help make your images organized and user friendly. A gallery is a way to show multiple pictures on the same page in a spaced out grid. Slideshows only take up the size of one image… Read more »

List Category Posts Plugin

List Category Posts allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [ catlist ] shortcode. Activate the List Category Post Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions. In the visual editor, type: [ catlist name =”yourcategoryname”, orderby = “date”,  order=”asc” ] Click… Read more »

Using WP LaTex

This plugin allows the the ability of LaTex to write equations and formulae to be available for WordPress users.  This plugin combines the power of LaTeX and the simplicity of WordPress to give you the ultimate in math blogging platforms. Activate the WP LaTex Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin,… Read more »

Redirect Plugin

Sometimes you need to redirect a domain or even a single URL from an old site to the new one on the new site.  The redirection tool can help you manage that so you don’t lose valuable traffic. It allows you to have a way to manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors…. Read more »

Twitter Widget

For Twitter users, this widget can be a useful way of getting readers to see your “tweets” (tweet is the term for a post on Twitter) right on your site. Even if you are not a Twitter user, this widget can be used to share any public Twitter account’s updates. Although WordPress in itself… Read more »