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How to Prevent 404 Errors on Your Events Calendar Views

Occassionally. the different views you can select for your Event Calendar (such as Day, Week, or List) may display a 404 error for visitors.   In order to prevent this from occuring, navigate to Settings>>Permalinks in the admin area of your site.   Make no changes and simply click Save at the bottom of the page…. Read more »

How to Add the Events Widget Back to Your Site

Recently, there was an update for the events calendar (version 2 to 3) plugin. One of the major modifications made was a change in the name of the events calendar widget. This name change causes the existing widget to disappear from sidebars or other widgets areas.   In order to replace the events calendar, navigate to Appearance>>Widgets… Read more »

General Troubleshooting

Below are a list of general troubleshooting questions we receive and the answers we provide! If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page, please go to our forum and post there.   I can’t figure out how log into my site!  To log into your site, add “/wp-admin” to the end… Read more »

Storage Space Optimization

Each site on is allotted 1GB of storage space. Generally, this means that you can have an almost unlimited number of posts and pages. However, when it comes to video and image files optimization is crucial to ensure that your site loads quickly and you don’t run out of storage space. The following Support… Read more »

Known WordPress Plugin/Theme Incompatibilities

At, we work to create a set of WordPress themes and plugins that provide a variety of layouts and functionality. However, there are times when certain plugin and/or theme combinations do not work together or can even prevent a site from operating. Here is a current list of known incompatibilities: Avada Theme (a flexible… Read more »

Adding iFrame and Embed Codes using the iFrame Plugin

The WordPress iFrame plugin allows users to add iframe and embed codes directly in the visual editor. In addition, it allows for switching between the visual and text editors without stripping the code. All iframe and embed codes need to be modified to shortcodes in order to be added to a page or post…. Read more »

Why is My Site Not Updating for Others – Caching Explained

Nothing is more frustrating to site visitors than a slow site.  Millions of users leave pages long before they load.  In an effort to make sure the thousands of sites on Web.unc run well the WebdotUNC team continually tweaks and adjust the caching settings to find just the right combination.  This article is designed to… Read more »