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UNC Specific

General Troubleshooting

Below are a list of general troubleshooting questions we receive and the answers we provide! If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page, please go to our forum and post there.   I can’t figure out how log into my site!  To log into your site, add “/wp-admin” to the end… Read more »

Storage Space Optimization

Each site on is allotted 1GB of storage space. Generally, this means that you can have an almost unlimited number of posts and pages. However, when it comes to video and image files optimization is crucial to ensure that your site loads quickly and you don’t run out of storage space. The following Support… Read more »

Web and Theme Customization Resources

Built by You. Supported by Us. Powered by WordPress.   What does “self-serve” mean? is ‘self-serve’ meaning we are here to provide both the resources to help you learn how to use and the building blocks to develop a site but leave it to you to actually develop one. We work to offer a variety of safe,… Read more »

How to Export Your Site

If you have a that you would like to export to another WordPress site, please follow the steps below. Part 1: Export Your Site’s Content On your original site navigate from your Dashboard to Tools>Export. On the next screen select the option of exporting your posts and comments in a XML file. Save… Read more »

Create a Custom Full Length Footer

Note: This is using the UNC Department Theme. Activate both the Improved Simpler Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions. Navigate to Appearance>Widgets  and drag the Text Widget to the Footer Center Sidebar on the right handside using the Text widget. Add the desired content for your footer. We suggest… Read more »

Adding a Custom Background Image to the UNC Department Theme

Note: These are for users using the UNC Department theme. Activate the Improved Simpler Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions. Upload the image you want to be your background by going to Media>Add New.  Copy the file URL. Navigate to Appearance>Custom CSS. Paste the following CSS… Read more »

Where to Access UNC Pictures for Your Site

Unless you have a portfolio website designed to feature pictures that you have taken, finding professional, high quality, and unique pictures can be a challenge. UNC News offers a Multimedia Resource where you can find tons of beautiful pictures to feature on your page that are centered around UNC. This library of photos contains downloadable campus… Read more »

Affiliate ONYEN System requires all users to have an active Onyen in order to sign in. If you need to be an administrator or editor of a site on, but are not a paid employee or an enrolled student at UNC, it is possible to become an “Other Affiliate” and get an Affiliate Onyen. These can be used by… Read more »

Navigation Widget – UNC Theme

A common feature on a lot of websites is a sidebar navigation widget that shows the sub-pages in a section.  We have built a special tool that will allow you to show the child pages (sub-pages) of a section.  This is meant to be used on department like sites with lots of pages that would… Read more »