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Adding Forms to a Website: Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity forms is a form making plugin available for use through It has quite a few options that allow you to use it to do a variety of things including contact forms, registration forms, applications, surveys and more!

  1. Activate the Gravity Forms Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions.
  2. A new tab on your Dashboard will appear titled “Forms”. Select the “Forms” tab.Form
    • New form: select this to create a new form
    • Entries: where you can view prior entries for different forms
    • Settings: the information here is not something that will require editing, most of the settings you will wish to edit will be available when you are creating or editing a form
    • Import/Export: this function allows you to import/export form entries and forms
    • Updates: not applicable
    • Add-ons: not applicable
    • Help: not applicable, if you have questions please post to our support forum.
  3. To embed a form, create a new form and select a page/post where you want it to go. Edit that page/post and select the “Add Form” icon below your page title and above the Toolbox.Add form
  4. Select a Form, specify what you want displayed, and click “Insert Form”.
  5. Update your page/post and a form will now appear on your site.


These forms have some unique features such as:
  • Customizable Email Submissions to Administrators and Submitters. ¬†You can specify email fields in the form that can be used in the emails.
  • Database backup and export.
  • Ability to allow folks to submit content that will be directly added to posts on the page.
  • Multiple Page Forms