Support & Training

Getting Started is a great choice at UNC for most people to quickly and easily build a website or blog.

To get started, simply head over to, sign in with your Onyen and register. You’ll need to select a site address ( that isn’t already in use.

If you’re new to WordPress, you may want to check out our glossary to become familiar with the most commonly used terms.

Personalizing Your Site

Once your site is created, you can visit the dashboard for your site by going to

You’ll likely want to change the default tagline. If you want to set up your site as a website (with a static homepage) instead of a blog, there are some instructions for that too.

Next you can select from one of several powerful and well-designed themes to change the appearance of your site. It will have a number of options for customizing the look-and-feel, from colors, to logos and backgrounds, to page layouts.

Creating Content

Once you’ve selected a theme and changed your site’s appearance, you’re ready for some content. You can add pages, posts for news or a blog, and upload media like images and files. You can also activate plugins to add additional features to your site like an events calendar or forms.

Finding Support

If you have a question about or WordPress in general, check out our support page. Many common questions have already been answered there. If you’re still having trouble, browse or post on our forums, or submit a remedy ticket.