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How Themes Affect Settings

At, we have numerous themes for you to choose from! However, one of the great and confusing things about the themes for is that depending on which theme you choose, the settings you are presented with may change from the original settings. So when choosing a theme, be sure to read the description underneath the theme to get a good idea of what kind of profile the theme is designed for and see if it matches what you are trying to do. For example, a photographer looking to make a profile where he can put his pictures would want to look for themes especially designed just for that. Below is one such theme:

If you notice, it says that “WordPress theme specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online”. Another helpful hint if you still can’t figure out if this theme is right for you is to look at the tags at the bottom of the description. For this particular theme, they include: “photoblogging, fixed-width, one column, threaded comments, white”. Lastly, if you still aren’t sure if this theme is right for you, you can click the “Live Preview button and see how it changes you profile.

live preview

However, changing your profile to a theme more photography based will change your settings. For example, using the original theme you are given, UNC Clean theme causes your dashboard to look like this:

Theme setting

However, as soon as you switch to the theme AutoFocus by Allan Cole, the dashboard changes and now no longer includes “Homepage Bulletins”. This change is seen below:


This is one of the many examples of small changes that are made when switching between themes. These changes can be useful once you adjust and find the right theme for what you are trying to accomplish. There are problems that arise out of these changes though since we don’t have a list of all the changes that occur and the help videos made on this website are all made using the UNC Clean theme which may have different settings than your theme depending on your theme. Bottom line, some themes create restrictions on what you can do in some areas while also opening doors to new settings that can be helpful in creating your page the way you want. I would recommend taking some time to explore different themes and don’t be afraid to switch themes until you find the one that works for you! When in doubt, try it out!