Support & Training

How to Activate a Theme

  1. Log onto your site so you have access to the Dashboard
  2. Select the Appearances>Themes
  3. Use the Search to locate a Theme you would like to use.
    • Note: The default theme for all new sites is Heelium.
  4. Click on the “Live Preview” link to preview the Theme
  5. Select “Details” to read a brief description of each Theme
  6. Select “Activate” to use that particular Theme for your site
  7. After you have chosen your Theme, you can utilize the “Customize” option to further develop your site
  8. After clicking “Customize”, you will be prompted to a new screen with a menu on the left side and a preview of your site with the new theme. Here depending on your theme, you will have the option to change the colors, edit your tagline, set your static page, and add a background image to your theme.