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How to Activate/Deactivate a Plugin

In order to activate a plugin, please follow the instructions below:

1) Log onto the dashboard of your site by clicking “Manage Website” at the bottom of your site or by adding /wp-admin to your url.

Example: turns into

2) Select the Plugins tab on the left hand side of  the dashboard and select “Installed Plugins”

Installed Plugins View

3) To activate or deactivate a single plugin, select activate/deactivate below the name of the plugin

Note: The page of Plugins is listed in alphabetical order.

Activate Plugin View

Note: The deactivate option will show only after you have activated a plugin

To activate/deactivate multiple plugins, use the check-box feature and select whichever ones you want to activate/deactivate. Then scroll to the top or bottom, and use the Bulk Actions drop-down to select Activate/Deactivate.Plugin Bulk Action

4) A notification at the top of the page will inform you whether the plugin has been activated/deactivated.

Note: Some plugins will have more of a presence on the dashboard than others such as a new tab being created on the left hand side of the dashboard. Examples: WP Views, WP Types, Wiki, Gravity Forms