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Picture Galleries and Slideshows

If you are uploading multiple pictures for things like a class project, team roster, or portfolio, using Galleries and Slideshows help make your images organized and user friendly. A gallery is a way to show multiple pictures on the same page in a spaced out grid. Slideshows only take up the size of one image but allow the user to flip through your other images. Directions below will demonstrate how to use these features and what they both look like.


  1. Navigate to the page/post on which you want to add images
  2. Select the “Add Media” function on the top of your Editor. Gallery 1
  3. Select “Create Gallery” on the left hand side of the Media windowCreate Gallery
  4. To add images from your computer, drag and drop your files into the box that appears, or click “Select Files” to choose a picture from your computer to upload.Gallery 2
  5. After the images have finished uploading, you will be shown all the images in your Media Library. Note: you can select any additional images you’d like to include in your gallery or slideshow by clicking on them at this stage.
  6. When you have selected the images you want, click “Create a new gallery”
  7. You will then be taken to a screen where you can edit each image’s title, caption, alternate text, and description. You can also rearrange images here and choose to randomize them if necessary.
  8. After you have made any edits to the individual images, choose how you want the Gallery to be displayed. 
    • Columns: The number of columns of thumbnails to display. This may be affected by your choice of theme, so be sure and test a bit with your current theme. This option does not apply to slideshows.
    • Random Order: Check this box to randomize the order of images in your gallery or slideshow. That means the order will change randomly every time the page is loaded.
  9. Click “Insert Gallery” when you have finished.

Edit Gallery: Hover over the gallery as you would an image and select the “Edit Gallery” option in the upper left.

edit gallery



  1. Activate the Revolution Slider Plugin. If you do not know how to activate a plugin, please follow these instructions.
  2. Create a new slider under Revolution Slider  on the bottom left hand side of your page.Revolution Slider
  3. Select “Create New Slider” create new slideshow
  4. From there you can modify the settings for your slider (name, size, type, layout, etc.)rev slider settings
  5. To add a slider, go to the page or post you want the slider to appear on and select the button that says “rev slider” shown below. From there, a shortcode will be added automatically that you can place where needed. For this example below, a slider was created and given the name “Homepage” which caused the short code to [  rev_slider Homepage  ]choose rev slider
  6. Select Update if you are editing a previously published post/page or Publish if you are editing a new post/page