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Where to Access UNC Pictures for Your Site

Unless you have a portfolio website designed to feature pictures that you have taken, finding professional, high quality, and unique pictures can be a challenge. UNC News offers a Multimedia Resource where you can find tons of beautiful pictures to feature on your page that are centered around UNC.

This library of photos contains downloadable campus and classroom scenes that can give you the professional and UNC feel you desire for your site. There are over 10,000 pictures to chose from!

Make sure to follow these guidelines when using these images.


Unless otherwise noted for a specific download, all right, title and interest, including copyright, to the material is owned by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Please check the metadata of your image for any restrictions.

No image may be used for commercial or advertising purposes without the written permission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

No image or audio file may be altered from its original context.

Whenever possible credit should be given to the photographer as “Photo by ___________, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill” or, if space doesn’t permit, include the photographer’s name and abbreviate the University’s name to: UNC-Chapel Hill.